Catfish with Falcon Wings:
Four films by Jason LaRay Keener & J. Ledbetter
Kaleidoscopes of misery, anxiety, and emotional violence.

Catfish with Falcon Wings DVD+R EP (2009)
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The Films:

o The Man with Apple-Shaped Boxing Gloves (2006)
o Hail Cracking Cobra Eggs (2007)
o Hallelujah! Gorilla Revival (2008)
o Hollow Porcelain Fish Chamber (2009)

The Features:

o Guest commentary by Todd Rohal
o Deleted Scenes
o can of zebras & J. Ledbetter Live @ Tuscalpaloosa 2008
o Quarantine: Chuck & Nash III (2007)
o A Commotion of Dogs: Director’s Cut (2006)
o 4 abstract shorts by Jason LaRay Keener
– Athazagoraphobia (2009)
– Every day I pray it’s my last. (2009)
– I don’t love anyone anymore. (2009)
– Off-Brand Shoewear (2009)


CATFISH WITH FALCON WINGS  2009  25 minutes Color

Dolby Digital 2.0  Optional English Subtitles  2.35:1


“These films do not tell a straight forward narrative and are so vivid that I
found myself running the whole gamut of emotions while watching them.”
– Freddy Ruppert, Former Ghosts/Parenthetical Girls

“I could watch this stuff all day long.”
– Todd Rohal (writer/director, The Guatemalan Handshake)

“These films feel like personal discoveries, diaries left open,
windows that will slam shut on your head if you gaze too long.”
– Jonathan Lees, Tromadance

Online Special Features:


o Remix by Brighter Death Now:

o Brighter Death Now Remix LIVE: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3